Papilon Project Partnership Platform (P4) is a project partnership program where your project idea is evaluated and provided with the necessary support.

It is to evaluate project ideas that could not be realized due to lack of material, technical resources and information. It is also to increase awareness and competence regarding entrepreneurship.

Having a technology-based, innovative, achievable, inspirational idea,

You must be an entrepreneur who has tried to do something on the subject and sector of the project where you will present the idea for at least 3 years but has not been able to implement it.

If your project idea is ready with details, you can always apply.

No, it is not necessary.

You can apply to the program with project ideas that are not yet implemented and are at the stage of idea.

Your ideas are protected under the contract and confidentiality agreement you sign with us.

Project ideas are evaluated in the categories of “originality”, “commercial success potential”, “risk” and “technical feasibility”.

After completing the application form, your project idea is submitted to an evaluation team, including industry veterans. Your opinion is evaluated within the scope of the preliminary evaluation criteria. Liked opinion holders are called to present their ideas. Afterwards, consultants are appointed according to the needs determined in the project application. If all you need is to increase awareness and get a quick introduction to the industry, B2B connections are established. If you need technological knowledge which is something we can provide as a company, support is given. If it is another domain expertise, you will be brought together with the relevant experts.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in the Frequently Asked Questions section, you can send your questions to us via the e-mail address “info@papilon.com.tr”.